After 6 years of working groups, meetings, consultation, research, discussion, outreach, panels, news articles, blogposts, Zoning Commission guidance and direction, drafting, redrafting, and re-redrafting, on Monday September 9, the Zoning Commission set the proposed ZRR text down for public hearings. This is a big step in moving our 1958 zoning regulations forward into the 21st century. The proposed regulations are consistent with, and further, Comprehensive Plan policies and objectives, and address other important initiatives to make the District more current, more inclusive, more sustainable, more adaptable, more diverse, and more responsive to expectations for a world class city.

The version of the proposed text that was set down, and on which the Zoning Commission hearings will be based, is available on the OZ website and on our website. You can also view the OP setdown report, which includes a summary of the process to date and a chapter by chapter summary of changes proposed to the existing regulations. For those who wish to see it, our website also contains a version of the text “marked up” with all changes made since the earlier draft that was submitted to the Zoning Commission on July 29, 2013.

We want to thank all of you who have already participated in this process and who have provided us with comments, questions, suggestions, critiques, and support. We continue to welcome them – please email us at . Also, be sure to watch the Office of Zoning website and our web and blogsites for the public hearings dates once they are set.