New Draft of Subtitle J: Production, Distribution and Repair Zones Reply

We posted a new draft of Subtitle J: Production, Distribution and Repair and wanted to call your attention to a change. During our community meetings in December and January, we heard concerns about nightclubs locating in industrial zones. To address these concerns, we’re proposing that Entertainment, Assembly, and Performing Arts uses be permitted in the industrial zones by Special Exception subject to the following conditions:

(a) The use shall be located and designed so that it is not likely to become objectionable to neighboring properties because of noise, traffic, parking, loading, number of attendees, waste collection, or other conditions;
(b) The property shall not abut a residential use or residential zone;
(c) The proposed Entertainment, Assembly, and Performing Arts use shall not be located in the same square or within a radius of one thousand feet (1,000 ft.) from any portion of a property containing a live performance, night club or dance venue;
(d) External performances or external amplification shall not be permitted;
(e) The Board may impose additional requirements as it deems necessary to protect adjacent or nearby residential properties, including but not limited to:
(1) Soundproofing;
(2) Limitations on the hours of operation; and
(3) Expiration on the duration of the special exception approval.

We hope these conditions help mitigate the potential impact of these uses in Production, Distribution and Repair zones. Read the text here.