Happy New Year from the DC Office of Planning Reply

Thanks to everyone who participated in the ZRR process over the last year – by attending one of the 39 community and ANC meetings, 6 Task Force meetings, or 10 Zoning Commission public hearings and meetings held in 2013. In addition, many people submitted written comments – the Office of Zoning official record already includes almost 380 submissions from members of the public (not including District government submissions), for a total of almost 2,000 pages of public comments and testimony – so far!

Our ZRR blogsite received about 12,000 views. Altogether, 62 new articles were posted in 2013, and 84 pictures and images were uploaded. The most popular posts – the ones which received the most views in 2013, were:
1. Myth vs. Fact: Accessory Dwelling Units, posted November 2012
2. Introducing front setbacks, posted May 2013
3. Green Area Ratio Q&A, posted November 2012
4. An update on parking proposals, part II, posted July 2013
5. Myth/Fact: Alley Lots, posted December 2012

Thanks for all of your blog comments and questions, as well as your emails and phone calls.

All the best to you and yours for 2014!

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