Crosswalks now available Reply

The Office of Planning has posted crosswalks for each of the 34 chapters of the current Zoning Regulations on IZIS (Case 06-08A).

The crosswalks:

• Compare the current regulations to the draft proposed text. For example, if you are looking for § 3104.3 of the current regulations, consult the Chapter 31 crosswalk, which will point you to Subtitle Y, § 800.4 of the proposed regulations. The crosswalks do not include references to proposed new provisions.

• Generally do not provide an explanation for sections which have been proposed to be modified. For more information on proposed changes, please visit the Office of Planning website and blog.

• Typically do not note changes such as reformatting, wording changes for clarity, or changes to zone names.

• Use the term “Provision not carried forward” for current regulations that were not included in the new proposal. If you can’t find a provision, check for this term in the crosswalk.

• Note a small number of provisions to be added. These are provisions identified by OP as missing from the proposed text that was setdown for public hearing on September 9, 2103.

We hope that you’ll find the crosswalks to be a helpful tool as you review the draft proposed text.

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