Draft ZRR text delivered to Zoning Commission Reply

Last night, OP delivered a copy of the draft proposed zoning regulations to the Zoning Commission. It was their last public meeting before they break for August, and we wanted to make sure they had some nice light reading for the summer. We have posted a copy of the text that was delivered here. We continue to work on the document and expect to post updated Subtitles over the course of the summer. We’ll also be posting “background pieces”, discussing the draft, and what is – and is not – proposed to be changed in the draft.

In the meantime, we want to thank all of you who attended one or more of our 82 working group meetings; 112 community and ANC meetings; or 24 Zoning Commission meetings or hearings (so far). Thanks also to everyone who discussed the Zoning Review process in their blogs, tweets, articles, or conversations with neighbors. In particular, we would like to thank the Task Force members, who have assisted in this effort since 2007 at 41 meetings. We feel that the document that we submitted to the Zoning Commission is better because of your involvement.

The Zoning Commission indicated at the meeting last night that at its first meeting in September, they expect to consider setting down the proposed draft for public hearings later in the fall. We encourage people to stay involved – watch our website and blogsite and the Office of Zoning website for additional postings, including the dates of future Zoning Commission meetings and hearings on this important initiative.

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