Latest drafts of Authority and Administration, Board of Zoning Adjustment, and Zoning Commission subtitles now available 2

Revised draft versions of Subtitle A Authority and Administration, Subtitle Y Board of Zoning Adjustment, and Subtitle Z Zoning Commission, are now available on ZoningDC. We have also posted a “crosswalk” for the Authority and Administration chapter, which will allow for easier navigation between the existing and the proposed regulations. See the “Selected Publications” section on this blog or for copies of the proposals. Revised and refined versions of other draft subtitles, responding to public comments received at the community meetings, as well as crosswalks for other chapters, will be posted over the next few weeks. We look forward to hearing your additional feedback!


  1. Will the new, on-line Code have a search engine where I can write: “Alley Dwellings” and be taken to all links that pertain to that subject?

  2. You can search the text of the draft Subtitles, which are being posted to the ZRR website at as PDF files, by opening the Subtitle, pressing “Control + F” and entering a search term.

    Once the revisions to the code are adopted, you will be able to search the zoning regulations in much the same way you do today, by going to and doing a full text search of the DC Municipal Regulations.

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