Proposed Retaining Wall Regulations 1

At the request of the Zoning Commission, OP is proposing new retaining wall regulations for the District. Many communities regulate the size and placement of retaining walls; so far in DC, our zoning code has not. The Zoning Commission has set the first draft proposed language down for a public hearing, and we would like your thoughts and comments. A copy of the report with the draft proposal is attached here. Although this is not directly related to ZRR, it is zoning so we thought you would be interested in knowing what is proposed. If you have comments or questions, please contact Brandice Elliott or Joel Lawson of the Office of Planning at 202-442-7600, or email us at Thanks!

One comment

  1. LOL! My neighbor carved out a parking space by leveling a 2 ft. slope in her rear yard, next to an alley…… then bitterly complained that MY property was falling onto her new, brick courtyard and demanded I build a Retaining Wall 100% on MY side of the Lot Line so MY dirt wouldn’t soil her brick!

    That was so ridiculous and unfair of her that I just built the wall as I figured she wouldn’t even understand why SHE should be the one building the Wall…and on HER side of the Lot Line….to insure that MY property undisturbed by HER actions….!!

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