Zoning Links – April 8, 2013 2

Does parking affect housing affordability? A recent study by Michael Manville at UCLA suggests that it can. In parts of Los Angeles where “parking requirements are removed, developers provide more housing and less parking, and also that developers provide different types of housing: housing in older buildings, in previously disinvested areas, and housing marketed toward non-drivers.” Interesting reading …


  1. This is a three year old unpublished study about adaptive reuse of historic office buildings in downtown LA. The adaptive reuse ordinance being studied removed other barriers to redevelopment (seismic standards, permitting process), so the effect of eliminating parking requirements could not be isolated. And the author acknowledged that increased flexibility regarding *where* off-street parking could be provided seemed to be more important to developers than lowering or eliminating the requirement *that* off-street parking be required.

  2. That is so incredibly dumb not every one that needs a car has no place to put it. It seems like those that already have a spot are the ones pushing this bill. If there is no public tran”‘s,then they are stuck and can’t do things they need to do. It seem like owners oh cars are the ones who are pushing this bill. A sign of great selfishness .

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