ANC 4A Community Meeting 2

OP continues to meet with ANC’s and community groups to discuss ZRR – click here for a copy of the presentation prepared for a discussion with ANC 4A.


  1. Parking won’t be required in Transit Zones…. What is a “Transit Zone”? Is all of Georgetown a “Transit Zone”?

  2. Alley Lots. I checked with the Fire Department in my area which said Alley Widths of 30 feet were required in areas where there were taller buildings. They also said that there were no buildings in Georgetown that required larger trucks/30 foot access, therefore, all their trucks are well accommodated by 20 wide alleys.

    Question: If the Georgetown Fire Department only requires 20 foot wide alleys to accommodate their trucks, why does the Zoning Code require 30 ft. Alley Widths before allowing residences? Why not reduce the requirement to 20 feet?

    Thank you.

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