Zoning Links – March 13, 2013 1

Do car and bike sharing services make parking minimums unnecessary?

Christopher Leinberger, Professor at the George Washington University School of Business and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, says that car and bike sharing services reflect D.C.’s transition to a walkable urban environment.

We agree that zoning can help us build an inclusive, walkable city, which will include greater transportation and housing choices, in part by allowing shared parking between buildings and requiring set-asides for car-share spaces.

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  1. Non-car city transportation:

    As a 65 year woman, I enjoyed using my small scooter (35MPH/50cc.) Recently, the law changed so that such scooter riders must use helmets. As a NON-helmet wearer, I am now only permitted to use a bicycle. I am afraid of the height, lack of speed control, and flimsy design. Statistically, 2-3 people are killed per year on bicycles in DC, while no one is killed either on a scooter or a motorcycle. I have returned to using my car and avoid shopping in DC due to high parking rates, tickets and unpleasant traffic.

    Thank you for caring.

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