Summaries of the written comments and questions left at the Community Outreach Meeting topic tables Reply

Thank you for participating in the OP Community Outreach Meetings for the Zoning Regulations Review (ZRR) process. Below are links to summaries of the written comments/questions we received at each topic table, along with OP responses. We’ve organized the information by meeting (Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3, etc.) and grouped the comments by topic (Zoning 101/ZRR 101, Sustainability, Affordability, Land Use, Neighborhood Character, and Walkability).

Ward 1: Saturday, January 5th, Harriet Tubman Elementary School

Ward 2: Tuesday, December 11th, 1100-4th Street SW

Ward 3: Tuesday, January 8th, Wilson High School

Ward 4: Wednesday, January 16th, Takoma Education Campus

Ward 5: Wednesday, January 9th, Ely Building, Gallaudet University

Ward 6: Saturday, December 8th, 1100-4th Street SW

Ward 7: Saturday, January 12th, DOES Building

Ward 8: Thursday, December 13th, Savoy Elementary School

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