Parking rules for a 21st-century D.C. 2

The following was originally posted in the Washington Post on February 15, 2013.

By Harriet Tregoning and Terry Bellamy

Few proposals in the comprehensive overhaul being considered for the District’s 50-year-old zoning code have generated more public interest than proposed changes to parking requirement.

The city’s Office of Planning wants to eliminate on-site parking requirements for all new buildings constructed downtown or in mixed-use, transit-accessible neighborhoods throughout the city. But the District’s problem with parking is not that we have a glut of spaces downtown or near Metro stations. In fact, existing parking requirements are already significantly lower than current rates of car ownership and, as a result, they are more likely to produce too few rather than too many parking spaces.

Click here for the op-ed in its entirety.


  1. I find most people that are for reduced parking already have a parking spot for their car, but they don’t want the new neighbors to have one. It’s just selfishness and arrogance on their part. We need more parking facilities in the city, something Bethesda has, but for some reason, we don’t have the intelligence enough to follow good examples, but then again, that’s the attitude for more people that have their spot, but want to exclude new buildings having their slots.

    • Have you attended any public meetings organised by your ANC or OP? This will explain to you what is happening with the new OP’s policy. Residents want parking for old and new residents. But the city officials have a different plan. Virginia also offers great parking. I agree why not DC? Some DC residents depend on their cars to make a living. We should have the choice to decide if we should own a car or not. Also, developers are too greedy to spend money on parking and are constantly seeking for relief and hiding behind the new rule of OP: no parking. For example, a condo building with 72 to 85 condos will only offer 26 parking spaces. The policy: 1 parking space for 3 to 4 units.

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