Community Meeting Locations Map 5

A map showing the locations for the eight ward-based community meetings is below (click on the map to see a larger size).

Meeting Locations

We look forward to seeing you at the meetings!


    • How can that be? The television people put videos of every other event up in short order after the event. This is almost a month later.

  1. The Office of Planning leaves a lot to be desired in getting this information out to the community in Ward 5. No wonder the televised meeting from Ward 8 wa so sparsely attended; the community is not aware of these meetings and locations. Many of the constituents from Ward 8 complained that they did not have computers. I would not want to post this meeting on a listserv because then I would be bombarded with questions that I could not answer. The Office of Planning should be reminding Ward 5 of the meeting location on Wed. at Gallaudet.

  2. Ms Fleming: Thanks for your post. OP has tried to provide as much notice as we can of the community meetings. This has included numerous website, tweet, and blog postings, a number of direct mailings and emails to all ANC commissioners, ANC offices, and all known community groups, business associations, and professional organizations; mailed notices to all places of worship, public libraries, and recreation centers; and posting of notices on listserves that OP can access. As you noted, we will be posting meeting reminders on Ward 5 and other listserves.

    We also appreciate the efforts of residents and community groups in getting the word out. For example, we do not have access to all listserves, so any listserve postings that residents make are welcome, and could include the note – “If you have comments or questions, please contact the Office of Planning directly at 202-442-7600 or by email at”.

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