When will OP release its revised Transit Zone maps? Reply

One of the questions we are often asked is when will we update the Transit Zone maps. As reflected in the proposed ZRR text, Transit Zones are apartment and mixed-use areas within walking distance of high-quality transit. OP is proposing to remove parking minimums and apply specified standards for pedestrian-oriented and lively streetscapes in these areas. Transit zones would not be located in the lower-density residential zones (R-1 through R-4).

The Transit Zone maps we have released thus far are illustrative and preliminary in nature. These preliminary maps are not intended to be read as official zoning maps and do not show final boundaries. They are intended to be starting points for discussion with the community. After the Zoning Commission adopts the final ZRR text, OP will work with the community to define those areas where Transit Zone designations would apply.

Prelim Transit Zone Map

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