Reminder – Public Meeting Saturday December 8th Reply

The Office of Planning will be holding the first of eight community meetings to discuss the draft proposed changes to the zoning regulations on Saturday, December 8th, from 10am to 12 noon. The meeting will be located at 1100-4th Street SW, Second Floor (above the Safeway, Waterfront Station on the Green Line). The meeting agenda is below:


9:30    DOORS OPEN
• Participants can take the opportunity to discuss the zoning code revision with the Office of Planning staff
• Participants can also walk through the Information Gallery to learn more about the zoning review process

• Welcome   W. Steve Lee, Meeting Facilitator

The Planning Director will provide the context for the proposed revisions to the zoning regulations.

• “Why now?”   Harriet Tregoning, Director, DC Office of Planning

In this portion of the meeting participants are encouraged to engage with the Office of Planning staff to broaden your understanding of the revisions proposed in the following topic areas:
1. Zoning 101/Zoning Regulations Review 101
2. Sustainability
3. Walkability
4. Affordability
5. Regulations of Land Uses/”Good Neighbors”
6. Neighborhood character

Please feel free to visit any or all of the topic tables and ask questions directly of staff. Do not feel as if you must stay with one group. This is an opportunity to ask questions, leave questions, post comments and get copies of topic information sheets.

11:15    TOWN HALL
During this facilitated discussion, participants are encouraged to focus on:
1. Making comments to OP staff and the Director on the proposed draft text;
2. Asking questions about the proposed draft text or zoning code revision process;
3. Reflecting on what you learned at today’s meeting

11:55    WRAP UP

12:00    ADJOURN

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